Episode 2 - What IS Publicity?


I have a quick question for you. What is publicity to you? 


I ask this question of all of my clients and potential clients to get a bead on where they are at in their marketing and publicity knowledge. The reason? Because I truly get a wide range of answers and this lets me know where we’re starting from. 


I’ve had clients answer with anything from Mad Men references to complete and utter blanks but an overall feeling that it’s important. 


Think of your marketing efforts as a Venn Diagram. You have paid marketing, owned marketing, and earned marketing. Publicity falls into the earned marketing. You have no control over how the information is used, but you’ve put it out there and the host or platform does with it what they wish. 


Why is publicity so important? 


Because people trust it. The more your name flashes in front of your ideal client’s face, the more likely they are to know, like, and trust you. This means they’re more likely to consume your content and subsequently buy from you.


For many people, stepping into the path of publicity is very scary. I’ll be addressing all of those mindset and confidence things as well as HOW to do publicity on this podcast. Listen in to learn more!


In this episode:

[01:00] What is publicity to you?

[02:05] The Venn Diagram of Marketing.

[03:02] What earned media and marketing consists of.

[03:43] Why is publicity important? 

[05:03] I don’t think ads are a waste of money, but I do think publicity is just as important.

[06:50] A better way to look at podcast numbers and overall visibility.

[09:15] Publicity is mostly about allowing yourself to be seen and spreading the word.


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