You ready to have your team (and me!) help you go from "best-kept secret" to "go-to expert"

by being a guest on other people's podcasts? 


Good news! I created the VIP Podcast Pitch Day just for you!

The VIP Podcast Pitch Day helps time-strapped entrepreneurs (and the people who support them) all the materials - and training - they'll need to start effectively pitching to podcast hosts!


So, what is a VIP Podcast Pitch Day anyways?

As more and more entrepreneurs see the value in guesting in podcasts, they also see the benefit of having a team member regularly do this on their behalf. 

Problem is the many VAs (and the like) have little to no PR experience (hey, we all have our zone of genius, right?), so let me get you - and a member of your team - all set up to start pitching on your behalf. 

While my 6-hour day is totally dedicated to you on our chosen date, you will have a 1:1 messaging session beforehand with our messaging expert... this helps everyone get crystal-clear on the audiences, messages and call-to-action work moving forward.

Then, on the big day, here's what I'll be doing:

  • Live 1-hour kickoff call with yours truly. Live 1-hour call at the beginning of our time to review the messaging doc and make sure nothing is missing (this is for you and your team member who will be pitching on your behalf)
  • Custom pitch template. I will create a customized pitch template with at least three killer topic ideas that you can feel confident speaking on - and that drive ideal customers to your website
  • Creation of all pitch-related collateral. This includes a PDF one-sheet, Audio Snippet, DM graphic (for pitching in the Instagram DMs) and a Pitch Tracker - you'll be totally set to start pitching! These materials will be delivered within 48 hours of your VIP Day. 
  • Live 90-minute 1:1 Training/Q&A. At the end of our time together, together with your pitching team member, we will go through exactly how to use all the items we have created, research shows, find contact info and the like. We will also leave time for plenty of Q&A!
  • Voxer access to Christina for seven days. Questions are bound to arise once pitching starts, that's why we allow seven days of Voxer access to Christina for clarification and follow-up. 
  • Access to training recording. We will record the whole 90-minute training and share with you so that if you need to reference back - or train a different team member - you'll have everything you need!

No more feeling overwhelmed. No more stressing. No more wasting time. 

Some things you might be wondering right now...

Does guesting on podcasts really work? Like, is it actually effective?

Many of us have a favorite podcast (or 2, 3, 7 <--the average per week) that we enjoy on the regular - do you trust that host and what they have to say? Who they bring on their show? For most people, according to research, the answer is yes. So think of the instant authority you will build with an audience when you show up on their fave show.

But you do need to come prepared in order to make an impact. I'm talking story ideas and a distinct call-to-action to drive people your way... that's exactly what we help you with.

Why podcasts though? What makes them so special?

Point blank: Podcasts audiences are engaged. Over 70% of listeners download a podcast to learn something new... which is exactly what you're there to help with!

As an added boost for guests, 94% of podcast users are active on at least one social media channel, meaning the opportunity to gain new followers is HUGE.

And while adding numbers is great, many of my clients have mentioned that their engagement has exploded. I'm talking Instagram DMs and out-of-the-blue emails from listeners. Not to mention the relationships with the hosts themselves...

What is I don't have a team member that can help?

There are still options to get your podcast pitching done! 

First off, and our most popular option, is to have our team pitch on your behalf using our Podcast Pitch Broker Service. You can learn more and apply here.

Secondarily, we can absolutely do this training for you as well! You don't HAVE to have a team member - just let us know and we will get it set up. 

Source: Small Biz Genius


I'm Christina.

Like so many of you, when I launched my first online program, I did exactly what all the "marketing gurus" told me to do... I completely ditched publicity work (even thought that's what I taught *facepalm*), and put all my eggs in the ads budget.

Suffice to say, it didn't go great.

So the next time I launched I did it my way... and it made all the difference. 

I landed myself on multiple podcasts in my niche, and drove organic leads - and sales - without spending a dime. 

Now I've made it my mission to help entrepreneurs like me get out of the "ads money pit" and onto podcasts.

We can do this. 

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